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Over the course of several years, we have delved deeply into the life stories of artisans, which have served as our inspiration to weave unique, 100% handmade pieces. With pride and respect, we have captured their wisdom and creativity in every detail. Embark on this fascinating journey through our Wakuaipa collection and discover the magic and sophistication of the Wayuu culture in every creation.

  • "When I was 10 years old, I learned how to weave. I used to do it in my free time because I really enjoy it. It is one of the beliefs that exists in my Wayuu culture."

    Emiria Epiayu - Wayuu Artisan

  • I learned bracelet knitting from my cousin, who taught me the basics. Though it was initially challenging, I persisted and eventually succeeded. While my first attempts were not perfect, I managed to achieve it."

    Alex Uriana - Wayuu Artisan

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"In Tejido Sagrado, we share ancestral stories through the creation of authentic, colorful, exquisite, and delicate pieces. We design for free-spirited, modern, and expressive souls. We are an ethical, inclusive, and conscious community. We are land, art, and Colombian history."