Driven by our strong belief in growth and creating a collective impact within our community, we launched the "Tejiendo Sociedad" initiative in 2020. Our primary objective is to empower and uplift the artisans who are an integral part of Tejido Sagrado by offering comprehensive support. As part of our commitment, we allocate 10% of our profits to sustaining the program that operates through three pillars.

  • Professional development

    Through Tejiendo Sociedad, our goal is to foster the professional development of these artisans by providing them with opportunities for skill enhancement and knowledge enrichment. This is achieved through workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs that enable them to refine their craftsmanship and explore new concepts of colors, materials, and designs.

  • Personal development

    Our initiative recognizes the importance of personal growth and well-being. We facilitate personal development workshops that focus on building self-confidence, resilience, and fostering a positive mindset among the artisans. By nurturing their personal growth, we aim to empower them not only as skilled weavers but also as individuals with the confidence to pursue their dreams.

  • Economic growth

    The techniques utilized by our artisan communities have been passed down from generation to generation and form an integral part of their ancestral worldview. For the weavers, these techniques hold cultural value that surpasses their commercial worth. The artistry they possess enables them to generate income to support their households. This is why we are committed to promoting fair trade across our entire value chain, ensuring that flexible tools and working conditions are provided, which respect their unique lifestyles.

Woven with love, embrace the beauty of Colombia

"I enjoy weaving every day, creating many designs, and being able to showcase them to other cultures. For the Wayuu people, weaving is a way to sustain our society."

Celina Epiayu, Wayuu Artisan